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Review: Ben Darsow 2016 (Fringe)

3660_BenDarsowWebsiteImage_EFUL_WEBReview: Ben Darsow 2016, Perth Fringe

After seeing a popular comedy show at the Perth Fringe Festival and leaving relatively disappointed, I was somewhat skeptical about our next comedic act, especially seeing we chose it entirely based on our route to dinner.

I sat down with my drink and about 40 other folk in the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, eagerly awaiting Adelaide born comedian, Ben Darsow, hoping he would at least get a few good belly laughs in between the crickets, as that would be a step up from the earlier Best of Edinburgh Fest.

From the moment he stepped out on stage to the moment he stepped off I was laughing, only noticing one cricket, which disappeared quite soon after he laid into the peanut gallery, whom I’m quite sure were on their tenth vodka lime soda for the evening.

Ben interacted with the audience and improvised quite frequently, using anecdotal stories and observational humour to lead into his repertoire, which was seamless for the majority. He knew his audience and made several references to Perth and its shortcomings, although the usual Perth coffee expense and FIFO jokes were a bit old.

If you don’t like swearing or prohibited substances, the show might not be for you, but if you can have a light-hearted view of these topics, you will be chuckling until you get home.

-Lauren Reynolds

For tickets head to: Ben Darsow @ Fringe

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