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Review: Djerman Unchained?

929324_thumbnail_280_Paco_Erhard_Djerman_Unchained.v1Paco Erhard is decidedly less German than I imagined, but just as funny as I’d hoped. Paco must spend a lot of time in the UK because he is clearly absorbing their accent by osmosis (or something). This guy is a good, honest stand up comedian. And he must have been to the Australian School of Piss-Taking, and he doesn’t stop at taking the piss out of his countrymen in Germany, his adoptive home of the UK, and he also has a good old laugh at himself.

I was impressed by Paco’s astute observations of the world around him and current events. The Nazis, autobahns and the Greece bail out all got a mention. But so did poo porn (which I had never heard of and should not have Goggled), which apparently the Germans are famous for – who knew!

There were a couple of jokes which were borderline not OK, but nothing was really offensive. In essence, laughs all round and a good time had by all.

-Kate Ryan

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