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Review: Big boys don't dance

Big boys dont danceIs there a better way to spend Valentine’s night than with my BFF and buff, half naked men? I think not. I have to admit, I didn’t really know what I had gotten myself in for with Big Boys Don’t Dance. In the synopsis, I got as far as ” sweat, charm and rippling sixpacks” and did not bother to read on, I knew this was my kind of show.

So Ash and Brad are brothers (adoptive maybe, they certainly don’t look like they came out of the same womb). Ash is getting married (sigh, I know ladies, all the good ones are married or gay). And after a rather eventful bucks night, one thing lead to another and next thing these two blokes are in a dance contest. There is just enough story line to string all the dance interludes together, lots of quips, and then there was the dancing.

These guys are actually amazing dancers, fit, flexible and agile. Mixing up ballet, contemporary and some nightclub moves. I strongly recommend getting there early and getting a spot in the front row to fully appreciate the bodies, I mean dancing.

This is my pick of the festival so far. I’m already looking seeing them at next year’s FW. Please come back Brad and Ash we (especially me) love you <3


-Kate Ryan

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