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Review: 'Hitchcocked' by Sound and Fury

Hitchcocked - Sound and FuryThe talented Sound & Fury trio are clearly fan of Perth, as it is the third year they have travelled from the US of A to lil’ old Perth for Fringe World. “Hitchcocked” is part year 12 drama, and part…. No actually, mostly year 12 drama. But think polished drama. There is murder (of course), mystery, intrigue and dubious Russian accents, all set in New York City. And audience members need not be fans of the legendary director, Hitchcock, to appreciate the plot. I did lose the plot momentarily, but I think it may have had more to do with the Pimms cocktail I had preshow, which I also highly recommend.

Energetic performances are complimented by clever set design, lighting and sound. Sound & Fury pitched audience participation perfectly, no one was put on the spot but people were able to get involved. They also got improvisation just right – not so much that it was undercooked, but just enough so you feel like you’re getting a unique show.

Unfortunately I went on the second last night of the show (a point which was not lost on the comedians) but be sure to head along to their other show “Hamlet & Juliet”.

Hilarity will ensue.

-Kate Ryan

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