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Interview: Disco Fries

They’ve gone from making tunes in their dorm room while guzzling cheap vodka to inducing mass ruckus at clubs across the globe with signature tracks which have been co-signed by some of the biggest names in EDM like Tiesto, Hardwell, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, and Armand Van Helden.

Nick and Danny have consistently blurred the lines between genre’s and are heading our way next month!

S+H: Where are you at the moment?

Nick – Brooklyn
Danny – In my car driving

S+H:  How did you 2 meet?

D: Nick & I met in college. Both went to school in Boston. Just by chance roomed together in freshman dorm & we stayed friends over next few years working on music together.

S+H: You’re really mashed up the genres and somewhat blurred the lines, why do you think it’s been so well received?

N: Combination of things, number 1 when we first started it was just us taking records we really liked & playing around. Popular things we wanted to add an edge too. It lent itself to the DJ’s and it started being used in radio and DJ’s would plus us.

You make fans a lot easier when your stuff appeals to the DJ’s. It’s appealing to so many consumers at one time.

Then the blog stuff got really popular in 2009/2010 and we took the same approach to that as DJ’s, so attacking on both sides.

S+H: Co-signed by some big names, anyone of them in particular you’d really like to play a gig with?

D: There’s a tonne! This past year we were fortunate enough to have support of Tiesto, Aoki, Harwdell. Any of them.

We’ve met them all, and their all really down to earth guys who put on a really good show. We’re excited to do a lot of club gigs, haven’t gotten on to festivals yet. But hope to soon.

S+H: 70 shows last year coast to coast last year, which was your favourite?

N:  Every city has a different dynamic. So if in we’re in the type of mood we want to be commercial, Vegas is great at a pool party. If we want to go balls to wall, NY or LA is awesome for that. Typically we like to play a lot harder stuff.

S+H: 2 residencies last year, do you prefer them to random shows?

N: We like residency because we get to fill your night and the whole venue, you build up a following and its next level.

We play so many shows I don’t even think of

D: Stone, casino in upstart NY was awesome. Casino gigs in general are usually good because everyone is there to  have a good time.

S+H: What do you’re folks think of what you to for a crust?

N: I’ve always been into music, whether it was just DJ in basement but I’ve always been a musician so not too surprised. Part of it our parents don’t get what we do. Danny’s parents have never been to  a gig. But I think their all super happy we’re doing it and we love it. So it’s awesome.

S+H: If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with anyone dead or living?

D: I’m sure we’d both to love any of the EDC stuff. Tomorrow world jumps out. So many things that would be so cool.

Nick didn’t mention but I used to listen to a lot of Radiohead. So if they did vocals it’d be cool.

N: It’d lend us to opening for a Radiohead more than Dr Dre. Although I wouldn’t argue about Coachella with a Dr Dre hologram.

I wish I could’ve prepared for this question!

S+H:  What sounds are you loving when you’re off the clock?

D: We listen to a lot of stuff, daft punk, the Justin Timberlake album, the new Sigur Ros is awesome.
N: I don’t have an auxiliary jack in my car so I’m stuck with FM radio in the car in the states. But it’s ok, its keeps me up to date with mainstream pop!

S+H:  My Mum always says you can’t start a car without Petrol and you can’t start the day without Breakfast, so what did you have for Breakfast?

N: Smoothie with coconut milk and pineapple and blueberries and protein.
D: That sounds healthier than what I had! A Bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.


Friday 16th August – Venue TBC, Perth
Saturday 17th August – HQ, Adelaide
Saturday 24th August – Agenda Nightclub, Toowoomba
Sunday 25th August – Pacha, Sydney


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