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Interview: FIDLAR

S&H: How did Fidlar get together?

Max and Elvis were brothers so they’ve known each other a while!  Then me and Zac moved to LA at the same time. Zac was working at recording studio and so was Elvis and they hit it off and got to know each other and after the sessions were done at the studio they’d call us and we’d go down and bring beer and get drunks and record songs. So essentially us sneaking into recording studio is how it started!

S&H: When writing how/who does?

It’s the 4 of us we do everything together. Depending on the song, sometimes one of us will make a demo, come up with the chords then we’ll all play together and improve it and whatever we come up with is the final.

Some songs just come up with when we’re just jamming.

S&H: How do you describe yourselves?

When people ask ‘what do you do’ we tell them we play loud rowdy rock music. We have some punk elements but not a straight up punk bank. More like a rock and roll band. ‘(Charles) bukowski punk’ – that’s what we say when we have to put a genre on it and it sounds.

S&H: What does your Mum think of this?

I’m 26, Zac 25, Elvis 22, Max 21 so we’re all almost grown up. My Mum’s supportive of me but not the band.

My parents came to one show, and they left half way through the first song!

S&H: Have you played many festivals?

Not a tonne but we’ve done 5 or 5 in Europe and 3 or 4 in the US.

S&H: Is there anyone playing Splendour you really want to see?

Frank Ocean is amazing!

S&H: Do you realised how big Splendour is?

I didn’t, but I’m sure starting to realise.

S&H: You’re based in LA permanently; do you think the Music scene change in various states?

Not drastically, but in bigger cities you go to you notice differences. It’s not city to city so much as different scenes in different cities.

S&H: What music do you listen to?

I’m a sucker for hip-hop and RnB. I like Ocean and the new usher record. We all listen to a lot of different stuff. We all love Elton John!

But anyone who has good songs really. I’ve been getting into a lot of country stuff old and new. The lyrics are so clever and they have good stories, their so entertaining to listen to. Simple not some beat metaphor. I like the simple honesty of it.

S&H: If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with any artist dead or living, where would it be and with who?

If we could play with credence anywhere would be awesome. A small intimate gig for 200-300 people in some weird country dive honky tonk bar.

S&H: My Mum says you can’t start a car without petrol, and you can’t start the day without breakfast, so what did you have?

Usually don’t have breakfast, or just a bloody mary. This morning I had an almond morning croissant, do you think that’s ok?


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