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Interview: Kid Kenobi

This guys hits AMBAR tonight so we had a quick chat to him en route to Perth



To someone who had never heard of you, describe your sound in 4 words.

KK Big Fat Boncey Basslines

S&H Do you think your sounds have changed since the beginning?

KK Yes of course! Music has changed and so have I. Evolving is the point of not just music, but of all life! That said there are still core essences about what I play that will remain the same forever. Bounce and funk being two of them!

S&H If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with any artist dead or living, who would it be with and where?

KK I’d like to travel back in time and go to one of the underground raves in the early 90’s, the gigs that got me into this whole thing. It was such a special unique time that I’m stoked to have been a part of. But one more rave wouldn’t go a stray. I might get the Prodigy up to join me, or Leftfield.

S&H Do you prefer more intimate club gigs or festivals?

KK I love both, boring answer I know but they both have their strengths. At the end of the day I guess it’s about the vibe, not the size of the gig.

S&H Are you playing any of he festivals this season coming?

KK Few things pencilled in but nothing 100% confirmed as yet so I shall have to remain tight lipped 😉

S&H What sort of music are you yourself into?

KK I’m into all kinds  – as long as it moves me in some way. I’m a bit of a closet classical music junkie though. I really love it, it fuels my imagination like nothing else.

S&H You’ve moved away from only playing breaks, what inspired the change? Do you think your sounds are better for it?

KK I’d like to think so! Ha ha. I think it’s impossible to stick to only one genre in 2013. It’s nice having a large platter of music to draw from. It reminds me of the kind of gigs I played when I very first started, mashing all different styles.

S&H What can punters expect from your upcoming club tour?

KK A fresh party set of bass line music: electro house, trap, dub step, drum & bass, breaks, whatever! All kinds of bumping beats!

S&H You’ve done a megamix dedicated to Ambar, now it’s relocating what’s your best memory of the place?

KK Every time I play there is special, that’s why I’m gonna miss it so much!!!

S&H My Mum says you can’t start the car without petrol & you can’t start the day without breakfast. What did you have for breakfast?

KK Today I had a smoothie my partner Kelli Prieur showed me how to make. It’s made up of avocado, raw egg, coconut butter, raw cacao, coconut juice, and berries. Bet you can’t tell Kelli is a yoga instructor into ultra healthy eating habits can you? Ha ha. Makes up for my weekends 😉

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