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Review: Paris/Berlin, 20 years of underground techno

One night 20 years in the making.

This event was held in a disbanded art space with raw heritage building as a back drop with was perfect fir the theme of underground techno music.

There was a screening of a documentary type film depicting the roots of techno in Paris and Berlin where this style of music was believed to have originated, by enthusiasts experimenting. With sound and beats in basements and garages with a few friends until it became slowly with time the popular style it is today.

From its origins with Vinyl mixes through to the digital engineering concepts from the end of the cold war, when the Berlin wall came down, techno was used as a unifier between people the of Europe.

This gave the youth a sense of freedom and togetherness which is embedded deep within the heart of techno fans in Europe.

“The Music is too commercial these days and we need more nightclubs with the raw techno” explained 24 year old Claire from Paris.

Sylvia from Bulgaria who now resides in Fremantle said ‘Techno is in my blood; I don’t use or need drugs when dancing to the music. It’s a form of meditation to me” Sylvia went on to explain that “Techno somewhat liberated the young people from Communistic rule in the late 80’s” she said fighting back tears of happiness.

It was quote an interesting mix of people for the event not just in various nationalities but also in a wide age bracket ranging from barely 18 to nearly 60.

There were a few couples who claimed to remember the early movement of the music and the local venues that held the events.

The film was enjoyed by about 250 dedicated techno lovers who patiently sat with eyes glued to the screen whilst sweltering in the muggy heat of a Fremantle basement.

Most enjoyed the film though some were a little disappointed with a few sound issues concerning the clarity.

However once the film was completed and there was time for refreshments and some well needed cool air things really started to cook.

The 3 live DJ’s that followed the viewing of the film had people dancing and mesmerized by their own Individual unique blends of techno music. The overall vide of the whole event seemed to truly satisfy the true lovers of this genre leaving a sense of trance like expressions and emotions.

I personally found the experience a rewarding one to learn about the techno movement and to see what effect the original style has made.

I would certainly attend any event such as this in future without hesitation purely for my own benefit as a music observer.

Review & Photo’s by Martin Splash Feletti and Paul Robinson.

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