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Interview: Nervo

Nothing like a quick tea break Nervo Interview on a Wednesday – so we did just that!

S&H: Where are you at the moment?
Mim-Nervo: Melbourne my home town!

S&H: How do you find working with your Sibling?
Mim-Nervo: We know each other’s flow so well, and we’ve been doing it together forever and we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. There are times of course it gets a bit sticky. But if we ever have an argument it’s for the better of the music we don’t take it personally. We don’t take it out of the studio either, no argument to be had.

S&H: What did your mother think?
Mim-Nervo: She’s happy NOW haha. But there were many years we were struggling waitresses in London trying to build a career. And she’s happy we get to travel the world and experience these things.

S&H: Does she come to shows?
Mim-Nervo: She does actually! She came to Ibiza. In Asia she usually pops by.

S&H: How do you describe yourself and your sound/set + feel?
Mim-Nervo: Sound would be big, uplifting, dirty, and crunchy!

S&H: Favorite Festival or gig you’ve played so far?
Mim-Nervo: There’s a few. Definatley tomorrowland! EDC in Vegas is pretty epic. I’m REALLY looking forward to Future. We’ve never done this tour, whenever we’ve played with these guys it’s been the Summadayze tour and that’s more electronic. Whereas this is more mixed and it’s exciting.

S&H: How did you get into it all this?
Mim-Nervo:  We always played music. It’s the only thing that came naturally to us and that we enjoyed.
We moved to the UK when we were 19 to really take the bull by its horns and give it a good go. So we did and persevered and kept working on our catalogue of music and bit by bit we were given opportunities and worked really hard and stone by stone we got here. Baby steps, it definatley didn’t happen as one hit and overnight our life changed.  But we appreciate that and we’re walking around on a constant high because it’s paid off.

S&H:Anyone you’re excited to see on the bill?
Mim-Nervo:  A lot of our friends are paying. Avicii is a good friend of ours.
The prodigy without doubt! I love Sven Vath and Richie. Ellie is great I’ve seen her a few times.
But the Prodigy for sure. They’re the best band of all time. Azealia Banks will be interesting too!

S&H: What can we expect from Future?
Mim-Nervo: A lot of our own records & unreleased stuff. A few new mash-ups we’ve done and hopefully a few little curve balls!

S&H: Is there anyone you’d love to play a live set with?
Mim-Nervo: So many! May Jane Coles I LOVE. Orlando HIgginbottom, Art Department. There’s so many.
Alli Goulding. Rhianna. Rita Ora! Her voice is beyond epic. And Imogen Heap! She’s my fave artist on planet.

S&H: If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with anyone dead or living?
Mim-Nervo: Burning Man. I’ve been a few times and I saw Carl Cox and he blew my mind. So Carl Cox and Nervo at burning man.

S&H: My Mum always says you can’t start a car without Petrol and you can’t start the day without Breakfast, so what did you have for Breakfast?
Mim-Nervo: Avocado on toast! (Snap us too!)

Catch Mim and her sister Liv at Future Music THIS Sunday!

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