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Interview: Nicky Romero

S&H: Where are you right NOW?
NR: At the moment I am on a plane to Australia, for my big day out tour. We are doing loads of sideshows as well so I am super excited!!

S&H: How do you handle that ‘DJ Stigma’ and all associated? 
NR: The best way I can. I just always try to be myself and I hope the Dj stigma is not an attribute I have J I just try to work hard and have fun.

S&H: Describe yourself and your sound/set: 
NR: I am an ambitious but easy going person I think and my music is a full energetic big room sound with loads of Electro influences. In one word party! Or at least that is how I would like to describe it.

S&H: How did you get into it all this hoopla?
NR: I have had a passion for music all my life. After seeing a dj perform for the first time in my local bar where I worked as a glass collector/cleaner I was sold. I knew that is what I wanted, make music and perform in front of people.

S&H: What’s been your favorite gig this year – played or attended.
NR: You know this is the question I get asked most. I love to perform and have a great time almost everywhere I go. It is rare that I do a gig and it is not fun. So without trying to be overly diplomatic here I just love to play and have a blast at most of my gigs

S&H: Done a mixture of remixes covering all sorts – pop music, dance etc – is there a favourite genre you like to remix?
NR: No not really it depends on the track I am asked to remix. It doesn’t really matter what genre the track comes from, if I feel it I will work it

S&H: Any new remixes coming up?
NR: Yes in a few days my remix for David Guetta’s , Usher and Ludacris  called rest of my life

S&H: Signed with Guetta’s record label – how did that come about?
NR: David has a keen eye for talent lol. All jokes put aside he told me he was very impressed with my work and my management had a little hand in it as well, it all worked out nicely!

S&H: In spare time do you attend many gigs?
NR: Spare time, what’s that?

S&H: What can we expect from set at BDO?
NR: Full on energy on big raving party, loads of new Nicky Romero tunes!!

S&H: If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with anyone dead or living?
NR: I would say performing with Timbaland  would be an achievement of a lifetime!

S&H: My Mum says you can’t start the car without Petrol & you can’t start the day without Breakfast. What did you have for Breakfast?
NR: Non fat yoghurt with muesli flakes and all bran cereal, I try to be healthy nowadays

Catch Nicky on the Big Day Out tour Nationally.

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