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Interview: Eddie Halliwell

He’s one of the biggest International Superstar DJ’s out, and has long been known as one of the best of his Generation.

With numerous trophies, titles, awards and every other start to his name, it’s no wonder he’s in demand.

Despite having only Christmas Day off before a swagger of gigs around the Globe, he gave us a few minutes for a quich chinwag.

He’s a top bloke. No really…

Eddiie, Where are you at the moment? Back in UK back from Asia and Bangkok. Very cold Manchester! While you’re in Paradise!

Many gigs lined up while back home?  During the christmas period, lots of gigs coming up over Christmas, usual stuff.  I’m only off Christmas.

I have Gatecrasher Boxing day, then up to Scotland for inside out on the 28th and then I leave on 29th leave to get to Australia for New Years.

I’m doing Adelaide and Sydney New years even!

How do you handle that ‘DJ Stigma’?  I appreciate people’s support. I’m grateful people enjoy what I enjoy. It’s good to see people get pleasure from what I do and be able to do a career from that. It’s good to engage people, it’s  a massive compliment.

Describe yourself and your sound/set:  The sound I play is energetic uplifting dance music. I play different styles across the board. Dance, trance, techo. Depends what time you’re playing.  If you want a good time come along. 

How did you get into it all this hootenanny? I just started as a clubber. Started going out when I was 16 & that’s how I discovered that’s what I really wanted to do. Following different DJ’s around. That’s when I saw what they were doing and I thought “I’m keen for that”.

Never imagined I could get into the industry. But I gave up so much time to do it and I’ve committed my life to my music.

What did your Mum say?  At the time when I started to do it they had the opinion it’s not something you can achieve and that was what I thought I guess. It’s only because I loved it so much it began to take over.

When I started out I had part-time jobs and when I was at college I spend all my money on music. I was buying everything! Mixers, kits & and you think you’re wasting money on things and wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

They had the opinion I should get into something more realistic. But I kept cracking on with it and broke the ice in a couple of aread

What’s fave gig this year/show? I’d say it has to be as a whole Ibiza again. I don’t think there’s anywhere that can compare. Obviously there’s other places around the world but this’ so special.

Where do you go for a break? I usually spend a few days on my breaks in Ibiza cause I love it. I’ve been so busy on summer period across Europe but we went for a bit and it was great to relax and spend time with friends.

What can we expect from Summadayze? Party time! New tracks I’m working on, a couple of remixes. I’m looking forward to trying them out at festivals. People expect a full fire show & that’s what I plan to give them

New remixes? Yeah I’m working on a few at the minute. Can’t tell you just yet. They haven’t been accepted just yet. If the guys don’t like the remix they won’t go out. I’ve just had the new ‘bullet in the comet’

For fans with you from beginning would they have noticed a change? I think personally I’ve changed and evolved massively from when I started out. And if you’ve been there from the beginning you’d notice a huge change. It’s not what I started out with and that’s cause I’m a DJ who wants to evolve with the sounds. Take on new things. Music evolves at such a huge rate.

Is there anyone you’d love to play a live set with? Daft punk! That would be amazing. Their amazing artists.

If you could play any gig anywhere in the world with anyone dead or living? Michael Jackson, he’s someone who I think as a performer in his day was untouchable. I suppose somewhere in Vegas.

My Mum says you can’t start the car without Petrol & you can’t start the day without Breakfast. What did you have for Breakfast? Nothing yet. Don’t tell your Mum!

Catcn Eddie Halliwell at Summadayze on Sunday 6th January at Patterson stadium


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