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Review: Habitat Garden Party

Habitat Garden Party feat. James Zabiela, Alex N!ggemann & George Fitzgerald
@ The Court Hotel Courtyard
6th May 2012

It was time for a garden party and what a garden party it was!

The crew from Habitat had transformed the courtyard of The Court Hotel in East Perth into a majestic
outdoor setting with beautiful LED light trees and blowup glowing stars hanging from the constructed marquee which had been
erected for the off chance of the light shower which seemed to shadow the day with a hazy white sheet of clouds across the sky
playing in peoples minds that we were all in for a soaking or 3 but to our amazement the rain held off all afternoon for what we thought
was sure to be a wet Sunday afternoon!

Flex from Habitat started us off with some melodic tech house tunes to ease the late afternoon crowd into the doors and with
a late afternoon pizza from The Courts Pizzeria and a cider in hand we knew it was going to be a brilliant evening.

As the crowd started to get heavier and the courtyard started to look more like a dance tent from a festival Alex N!ggemann from
Germany & George Fitzgerald from the UK jumped on the decks and began filling the tent with deeper more in touch deep tech house
with a good back to back duo from the boys. They played a good 3 & 1/2 hour set b2b until it was time for the almighty UK producer and
mix master philanthropist that was James Zabiela!

The crowd roared and the courtyard was packed to the house of punters eager to catch a glimpse of the ‘god of the decks’ with cameras,
phones and plenty of focused eyes and ears to the stage as he began churning out masterful mixed sounds of deep house, techno and carnival style
tech to an adored group of willing fans in the crowd!

He had a platter of equipment with him in the booth from Akai samplers, laptops, Trigger Finger boxes and even his iconic iPad with samples on it
which he would raise to the sky to show to the crowd what he was all about.

As he mixed his way through breaks, techno, house, nu disco and even drum & bass we were all awe struck as to the unbelievable talent and skill he
possessed behind the table of equipment and boy did it look like a breeze for him! The constant smiling and thanking the crowd for the overwhelming
support from every mix and track he performed from him we all knew he defiantly got the sense that Perth defiantly had a soft spot for Mr Zabiela!

His 2 & 1/2 hour set was jam packed with vicious vibes of almost every dance genre on the market and samples that were as far fetched as anyone thought
possible with the kind of intensity he performed with it is no wonder the man from Southampton had the following he has cause my oh my what a set it was!

The crew from Habitat defiantly know how to put on an afternoon party and with this being the first for them this year lets hope there are plenty more
to come as this was defiantly a winner in all the punters eyes oh and ears!




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