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Stanton Warriors Interview

As Festival season is upon as, and the countdown to Perth’s exclusive Breaks event Breakfest creeps closer, the youtube channels are getting a work out. In particular that of the Stanton Warriors.

We can’t think of better beats to work off our Christmas feast to – see what we did there?

So in preparation for the event, and so we know just what to expect from these boys, we caught up with Dom over some cold poached eggs and wilted spinach…

S&H: Cliche question…where did it all begin?

SW: Back in 1997, I was an A&R Man at a Garage Label and Mark was in house engineer. We were both young and came up with ideas together, Mark would go into studio with DJ’s and make the tracks, then they’d get all the credit. So I said ‘I’ve got ideas, your an Engineer, let’s just try it’. After about 4 hours we had a record. We were teenagers at the time and in the next A&R meeting the big boss asked what tracks we had. So we put it on in the office i’d said it was from New York. When he said he really liked it i admitted it was us, he was a bit annoyed I lied, but they signed it. He asked for a name then and there, and Mark had triped over a drain cover on the way to work and cut his knee, the covers are called a Stanton so we got Stanton Warriors and that was it.


S&H: To someone new to this type of music, how could you describe your stuff?

SW: We try to be about new music, we can’t look at is as just one genre. A good beat is a good beat, base is base, and then whatever goes on top. When we were in China we found Tibetan bells. Whacked a beat over it and there. Then there was a Turkish belly dancing track too. It’s all sounds.


S&H: How was this album received?

SW: We did a lot of it ourselves, all the video’s were done by friends, we’ve got a very loyal fan base and we can bypass the normal stuff you need to promote an album. We did some killer remixes and also got loads of radio play, so it sold well.


S&H: Speaking of…thoughts on Remixes?

SW: We get asked to do a lot of them, but it has to have something original. It’s about having something to play with.  A new DJ is different to an existing one. So we’re always looking for new material. We’d take a wicked sound for no money over a really crap sound for lots of money. It’s better to do that than try and polish rubbish. I hear things and think i’d love to have that tune with our beats on it so try & find out who’s it was.


S&H: Has Technology changed Music. Particularly this type of Genre?

SW: Technology has made it easier to download, people don’t get paid anymore, but it’s also made Music accessible to everyone the world over. We played a track in Kazakhstan and didn’t expect them to have heard it, but they went nuts for it! And Sound design is exciting and cool. We can do more now with technology than ever before. So there’s good and bad I guess.


S&H: Any Gig, anywhere in the world, any artist alive or living:

SW: It’d be a Festival in Pacific Islands somewhere with Hula Girls, Sade on Vocals, India (Masters at work)  as a duet, Jazzy Jazz DJ’ing and Rolling Stones doing an old school set, with all my friends playing, and all the coolest people we’ve met at parties along the way in Perth, Vancouver, LA, Canada and have free everything for everyone.


S&H: What about Residency or regular gigs?

SW: We did Fabric every month in 2000-2009 as a residency, thought we’d have a break. We’re now doing Stanton Session Nights in London at various places. Don’t really have time to do Residency now, we’re on constant tour, coming up we have Australia to America to Canada to Europe to Far East, Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, then to New Zealand.


S&H: Festivals or Intimate sets?

SW: Festivals – big crowd, lots of people, big fun. But with those Little Red Light gigs it’s a journey, you can entrap them a bit more. I guess I prefer a club thing with 4 hour set. But couldn’t do that all the time. Actually all of the above!


S&H: What can we expect Breakfest.

SW: We tend to get carried away, friends Mum has a Helicopter so we flew in like that to a gig before and  jumped out. Need a great entrance to beat that.

We’ve been working on Vol 4 mixed comp, so definatley coming armed with some new stuff no-ones heard before and a few classics. Plus we’re bringing Hollywood Holt with us, so we’re ready to  ‘Get-up’


S&H: My Mum says you can’t start a car without Petrol, and you can’t start the day without Breakfast. So what did you have for Breakfast?

SW:You’ve heard the saga…2 cold poached eggs, crap spinach and Salmon. I’m in Queens Park (London) at the moment.


Stanton Warriors play Breakfest on December 26th @ Belvior Amphitheatre.

Industry tickets available by emailing info@seenandheard.com.au


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