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Interview: Craig Nicholls from The Vines

It’s hard being in Rock Band this bloke reckons….

What do you think makes a good live gig?

I’ve never been asked that question before. I’m trying to think of my own experiences at shows. If I’m impressed by the songs or the musicianship or it’s a band I love or there’s some amazing theatrics going on in the show, I walk away thinking I had a good night. But if it’s dull and not engaging then you won’t be excited and talk about it.

Of the Festivals announced so far, are there any you’re looking forward to?

Home bake, that’s back after taking a break for a year. Always love doing Splendour in the Grass. Stonefest in Canberra, Full of Noise in Townsville which will be good, we’ve never played there before.

I think the Camp out festivals are really cool. I want to go to Falls this year.

We’re still recovering from Falls…
Last year?

Year before! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Who’s your favourite person you’ve worked with so far?

We’ve toured with a lot of people but haven’t really sat down and played music with that many people.  I’m often more inspired by people I see playing live.

Best place music scene in Australia?

Melbourne, Sydney’s a close 2nd.

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

All kinds of stuff. I’ve been listening to our support band a lot lately, Pappa V’s Pretty, comedy metal band Steel Panther – their hilarious! Then there’s old school Rock n Roll kick, 50’s & 60’s stuff. Do you know the Sonics? Their pretty rad. Adventures of Dick Daly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry – stuff like that. The roots of Rock n Roll.

This’ our most hard-hitting question, so just be warned…

My Mum says you can’t start a car without petrol, and you can’t start the day without Breakfast? What did you have for Breakfast?

A muffin. And a coffee. She wouldn’t approve would she?

Do you think the Live music scene is being pushed out by this House/Techno wave we’re seeing?

It comes in waves. I remember when I started playing in Bands in the 90’s, it was when rage sort of took off and it was hard being a band back then because it was all about Super clubs, and DJ’s spinning Dance music. But at the moment Rock n Roll seems be getting overtaken by Retro bands, but I don’t think there’s a Rave culture like there was back then. I mean keyboard bands are really cool right now, but Guitar bands will be the in thing soon. It’s hard being in a Rock band…

The Vines play Capitol, Saturday 10th September
Tickets through: PH: 1300 (GET TIX) 438 849  or usual outlets


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