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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by seenheard


Review: MOS Clubbers Guide to 2011

I’m not going to write much about tracks played or style. If that’s your thing then read no further. I’m just one of the ordinary punters that enjoy a good night out. Ministry of Sound – Clubbers Guide at Villa was one such night. Knowing that the tickets had been sold out I was looking forward to another seamless RDC Presents event. We arrived sometime around 10:30pm and within a half hour the club was full.

On our arrival well regarded local DJ Micah was already working the decks and the newly arriving crowd were treated to the perfect lead up set. Nothing too punchy, just enough to keep things moving. Towards the end of his set you could feel the energy level increasing and then Goodwill strode out on stage to an instant wave of excitement. Although some technical issues with a loose lead created a temporary hiccup – all was well and truly forgotten when the intermingled Song 2 boomed out with the ensuring crowd response – woohoooooo! From here, Villa was heaving, from the packed dance floor and to the balcony above, the only space relatively free was the VIP room. Handy for some to get the quick drink! I’ve seen Goodwill many times before and he always has the crowd at his command. This night was no exception.

Just when I thought the energy levels couldn’t go any higher…enter Tom Piper! I was impressed how he managed to sweep everyone up to his level of energy behind the decks within seconds. It’s always good to see a DJ thoroughly enjoying his craft. I have to say, I haven’t seen any DJ’s using an iPad during a set before but Tom Piper did. It was sparingly used and just brilliant to watch from the balcony above. You can’t imagine my horror when I saw it thrown to the floor but all was okay as it was used later in his set. For me, Tom Piper made the night add I couldn’t care if Song 2 made a brief cameo again. He had the right mix of tracks; covered varied styles and all flowed harmoniously.

The next local to the decks was Mind Electric and he carried the same energy as had been seen throughout the night. I am a huge fan of his work and could be slightly biased here when I say my only compliant for the night was seeing him start at 3am but with a line up like Clubbers Guide it’s hard to slot him anywhere else. It would have been the perfect time to drop his remix of KLF’s 3am as his opener. I didn’t have to wait long to hear it. The crowd started to thin now and his set was the perfect way to finish the night. The end of Mind Electric’s set signalled the end of my night and it’s my opinion that no one left Villa disappointed.

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