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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by seenheard


Review: Jebediah 'Kosciuszko'

Kosciuszko has been a long time coming for Jebediah, Not only has it been seven years since the bands last album release in 2004 with Braxton Hicks but it’s also the first album I believe eclipses their breakout album in 1997, Slightly Oddway. The album is a perfect mix of evolution to Jebs music whilst still remaining true to their origins.

The two disc deluxe edition also has great additions, most notably the acoustic versions of previous singles harpoon from Slightly Oddway and one which blew me away upon hearing, feet touch the ground. Without going into detail I won’t ruin it for you but give it a listen, it comes across you in a completely different aspect to how you previously know the song. As a nice way to cap it off a version of teflon live from London rounds off the CD.

The album opens up lost my nerve, the first release from the album and sets the tone for the album. A great sounding song that you can easily lose yourself and sing along too, this is one that will be a hit a live shows. If you haven’t already heard she’s like a comet then you must have been under a rock as this is getting frequent airplay from commercial stations and JJJ, for good reason too. It’s catchy, has a great sound and for the diehard fans you will notice a leaving home throwback in the film clip. Under your bed is a much faster paced song then what Jebediah typically produces and could easily be a single if it isn’t already on the master plan for the band. Another song worth making mention is freakin’ out, this track has an almost euphoric feel to it and was a pleasant throw in to the album.

If I had one criticism of the album it would be that it could have benefited from one more “punchy” track on it to make it rocket up the charts. In saying that though I can’t see why this won’t be Jebs most successful album to date ticking all the right boxes to make it a successful stayer for some time to come. In all a great album and I can’t wait to see the tour.

Disc 1: Lost my nerve, Oxygen, She’s like a comet, To your door, Control, Under your bed, Battlesong, Freakin’ out, The Lash, High(horse), Are we okay?

Disc 2 (2 disc deluxe edition): More alone, Patty Powell, Harpoon (acoustic), Yesterday when I was brave (acoustic), Feet touch the ground (acoustic), Teflon (live in London)

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